How To Do On Page SEO in 2021 – On Page SEO Checklist

Hey in this Blog I’ll share my favorite SEO checklist for your On Page SEO stands for search engine optimization and most people are actually getting about the stock which I will be mentioned in this video so search engine optimization is usually divided into 2 parts on-page SEO and off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

How To Do On Page SEO in 2021 - On Page SEO Checklist

What is On-Page SEO

The staff at which you are directly controlled and like the speed of your website and images that tax the head of your website and they just you know it’s like leaves from other social media being indexed by Facebook and Google but you do not control it directly and have 2 cabins before we start number 1 is that stands for search engine optimization it doesn’t stand for Google only right now.

It’s just it’s for each and every medium your target to Google being Yahoo Yandex Baidu Facebook Instagram things not only about Google and number 2 is that most ask your checklist you can find online I’m not working anymore this is because most of these checklists like 510 or 15 years ago wore dark jeans of the breaches in the algorithm and right now it’s almost impossible to trick the algorithm this because Google Facebook and all that huge IT companies are spending millions and billions yearly politicians their algorithms.

How To Do On-Page SEO

It’s close to impossible to trick the algorithm right now and even if you do let’s say you found some checklist and you treat the algorithm Google and other companies are changing its algorithms all the time and the next update you might be done if you drew the algorithms there is only 1 way to survive in the modern right for years to come and I will explain you how in this video editors here from this think so agency another chill sharp turns and dips at 3 to 4 years and ever did a couple of customers to get their merciless directing squeezing websites.

If this is something you’re interested in in my system start button to receive our weekly media so the thing you need to keep in mind that Google, Facebook, and all they do companies are about the user experience and that they want their users to spend as much time as they can on their plot from slips kind.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media maybe you trick Google and that your website is on the first page but if people are clicking on your website and they leave you with that second because you’re not providing the information they were looking for Google will just stop working in your website so please don’t think about tricking the algorithm so my SEO your checklist is concentrated on the own paychecks to which you must have a number one is a secure connection.

On-Page SEO Checklist

yeah I know as easy as it sounds so there are you could be options available where SEO stands for secure it and if your website is not secure all the modern browsers will show these warning messages that the connection not security and if you wanted to secure they will see this message so this is because if your website is there some even their phone numbers email to special credit cards the connection should be secured so nobody will steal these data and most hosting providers freelancers and agencies will try to upsell you with this security certificates like it’s a couple of Bucks each month but I’ve got you covered.

I’ve got to totally freak too which is even cooler comments let’s encrypt at work you can visit this website and get your free no strings attached security certificate and implemented within an hour on your website Google will rank your website better if it has a security certificate another thing which most people forget about even if they’re using the fast way to website builder available east of that size of their argument just yet you need to optimize your images for your website if you’re using WordPress I can recommend you this most client it will automatically adjust all the image sizes your boat in the water press but.

Even if you’re using a website builder or proprietary websites there are tools available online you can just search Google free web image optimization tools and there you can adjust the size of your images which will help your website a lot faster and gain more trust from Google and other search engines because your images will be optimized for the web and that’s the way I have a cool beat when I explained that the best web design is usually the cheapest one I think you need to proceed with the dirt-cheap web design which will bring your customers.

I have a cool beer about you can check this video right here and the next thank you the pain for me as a web developer it said the speed of your website this is because there are many websites the speed tests available online and the most famous one is the one by Google which he’s insane and hard to pass up I don’t know what they want from us like breach speed by Google has so well a lot of decent suggestions you can show the but developer but.

It’s close to impossible to pass it with flying colors this is why I suggested not to rely on Google page speed on that there are other alternatives like this one this one actually has way better metrics for you this is because they’re a 2-page load speeds the real one and the persuaded once the real one is well actually how fast the piles of your website can be downloaded and rendered on your website visitors device and the persuaded.

How fast your website visitors can start interacting with your website and people are coming to a website, not because of the speed but because of the content so the content of your website almost always needs to come up first this is because your mind the moment that for years and there you need to aim for persuaded page speech, not the real page speed and they still actually shows you how fast your website visitors can start interacting with your website, so I highly suggest you if you have about separated just show your web developer of the page speed by Google and the second one and ask him.

I meant as much as he can use and suggestions by Google page speed I’m not the same time rely on the second one way more because he took aim for persuaded speak not the real speed and another one is the responsiveness of your web design most website builders so and WordPress seems to have the option to convert your web design into responsive one indispensable upside is a website which is available for each and every device hold the right bits and iPhones android devices in smart free just sounds.

The jumbotron spring and if your website doesn’t render problem these devices you’ll listen percentage of your traffic the traffic you paid for already maybe you’re using Google ads or Facebook ads and you are paying for each and every website visitor and let’s say your website isn’t available for older right pats maybe 5 percent of your traffic so you lose in this people and you pay for these people already you played with Google ads or Facebook ads you need to test if your website is responsive but you might.

Think that well I just using paid advertisement and I’m checking this box that I only want my advertisement to be shown on the desktop the end you may think that you don’t need a responsive website actually, in this case, Google and Facebook will charge a little bit more then another guy who started in the same keywords but he’s website is responsive this is because Google and Facebook are trying to provide the best user experience possible and they believe there is somebody who visits your website with Google that’s on his desktop later he may visit your website using his iPhone and if your website is not rendering properly on iPhones well it’s about user experience Google doesn’t want so.

Google will charge slightly more if your website is not responsive even if your target desktop users on that but they’re going to cover it I got a free tool by Google which doesn’t require the installation of your computer which will help you to quickly check if your website is not responsive I have a beer about you can check this mediocre right here and I’ll see you in a second.

if you’ve got any questions comment to leave below and I’ll answer them and if you enjoy the video love it shares it tell the people about it many thanks.

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