What will be the SEO in 2021 : Changes in Google Ranking


You guys welcome back again so in this Blog we are going to talk about SEO, how exactly Google is going to rank your pages in 2021 yes guys the best times to say goodbye to 2020.

I Hopped out of the bag Victor ranking strategy in the Google 40 at 2021 and that’s why in this article I’m going to explain you little bit Different idea but something which is Google is changing in data back and so that you would be back and you really got to know does 3 ranking factors for the upcoming Google ranking criteria so if you are a blogger and just right now writing a blog in a different way trying or learning from different places then make sure you speak to that because you’re in the studio.

I’m going to expand the 3 Ways to which the global support story about the site in the coming 2021 so 1 of those 3 Ways and how exactly you can optimize your vote so I don’t do Three Ways that’s what I’m going to explain in this article is that what you’re new to the channel guide and then make sure you hit subscribe and appreciate

Microphones as well as give me a reason for motivation so that I don’t keep making more and more videos and don’t forget to like subscribe, so I can keep making because according it without looking down at school district and definitely talk about Dorsey factors on which Google is among the rank of upside in 2021 so here on the screen first for guys if you’re new to blogging and looking for free learning on how exactly you can grow your blog makes any visit bombing was Starkel do enter your name and email ID.

SEO in 2021

SEO Changes in 2021

Google is planning to rank about sending the coming future and that TV is our number 1 is a normal and not so much the number 2 is a featured snippet and number 3 which is about to come in the Google ranking factors is the passage indexing yes guys this is going to be the biggest change in the Google search engine history.

After the penguin update because happened way back just to up 20 stores spammy backlinks website that actively impacted only Teeple said all of that site but this passage indexing is a new feature which is actually going to impact more than 7 percent of the search engine ranking so this is a big huge impact which is about to come in to go over it and I’m going to explain here I’m reading all about all these 3 factors.

How exactly you can get an idea of what Google is ranking the go but let’s talk about the normal ranking in the global so what I’ve done is simply you would go to the Google bot and if you associate as you learn that after yeah obviously decided to act which is actually being marketed but then after that you can see these are the journal pages so this is a normal sort which is right now going.

I was also in the past as well this was the beginning tonight what you saw is great you actually start displaying all the organic pages one by one simply like gonna be just simply use okay click to this and can get the deal alone already but then open Google has introduced a new feature of a stick on the featured snippet so how features could look like based so featured snippet wasn’t enhancement and in that case, your content I’m in some part of the content was expected and that is supposed to be disputed the top-ranking up that particular C. D.

What so how would look like maybe not so sure if you want hello as you well then after what Google has done is these are the nominating pages what I’ll do is all that I can be just it expected somebody did from this particular vote site and disputed here ask at features snippets of this water acts featured snippets for this number could be different what is it thanks the second one is on the list what is up people are 41 could be awful video so what exactly it is is basically floppy disk optimize around a certain topic then after its follow as you have briefly answered that very somebody your contents actually it expected that BT and start displaying in I.

How Google Ranking Affect Our Blogs

At number 0 if I’m going to do the number 1 that so this is a number 0 position in the Google ranking and this is known as a featured snippet so that I can see I suppose this 1 and Google started displaying about the spreading out now it’s not about if I saw this particular credit Google is displayed in this list similarly in a poor couple of Brady’s or a couple of keyboards you can see some list all you can see some cables are the videos as well so this is the concept of featured snippets.

How exactly you can optimize your content for these feature snippets make sure you provide me the comments often make a future video so that when you look at a lot how exactly you can capture the featured snippets in the Google search engine ranking now let’s talk about the total 1 which is about the coming 2021 which is yet not been ruled out but B.

Already announced and the systems are in place to get it rolled out and doctrine is guys passage indexing no 1 expected the next thing that is a big difference in between the featured snippet and asset investing but for that’s what’s taken a screenshot from here or search engine and database see how exactly it will be after the passage indexing rollout so what I want is that we see someone is searching for this particular great how connected their mind if my host of the window on you we glance so early.

Google was doing yes it actually ranking beep beep to be tossed optimized around a UV radiation only it was not specific the window not specific or nonspecific to the house will do for you we lost but this what was doing is simply once checking and it really wouldn’t be because completely optimized around that particular keywords so that who was displaying that pace but after this passage indexing doled out now what companies Google did not check your complete beats what exactly is the sub pop big within the country if you don’t think that is all about your house there in that house if you’re bitten a specific section that actually I don’t discredit anyone you will be having a chance to stop gapping rank your website for that’s basically what.

This is gonna be such indexing so now it looks similar right if you see this 1 this is similar to what I can say featured snippets vendor combated for the X. features now but it looks similar to what is the major difference on what exactly you happen to remember Geisel is featured snippet isn’t extraction of certain tax audit list auto video older people from the block was reduced or delete around that particular topic okay so once you have written something which is totally I don’t that particular trait that deep you feel somewhat eyes that company was in a poor.

Google was expecting that so in order to get a featured snippet got complete valp site was should be around that particular keywords and should focus on that particular keyboard-only but what is a passage indexing guys in the past have indexing your complete list cannot believe in for that particular but the thing that most of you’re bitten some but it better get out but just actually answering a particular Grady and similarly you can take.

An example of a subheading you feel good in some subheading and that something is and sitting back but the graffiti and its user is typing that somehow to get the Google then that up sounds just like not your complete site based but that particular page will rank just because you have answered that particular creating the team that competes and that is known as a passenger deck and I hope you got an idea the difference between that featured snippet in that it’s a complete boy should be out on.

That but typically the only and the positive thing is something like a not complete post but a certain section or subsection or subheading which is actually not getting that ready and a sitting that Katie and that his guys your maps and will stop and ID so this is becoming a change in 2021 and I’m expecting you guys to the big banks the diet and started writing your content on big so you will get an and 1 piece of good passage indexing so is that a TVS without explaining what isn’t almost source.

The second one is a featured snippet and Paul was a passenger Nixon and makes ought you optimize your content good app more and more on getting profits and funds this passage connecting with rolled out as I sat 7 portions of the existing search engine ranking will be impacted so Bobby off your says what you guys I hope this would have been helpful for you this is so to make sure you subscribe to this channel to make sure your life and provided a valuable comment so that we keep making the future videos accordingly thank you very much for watching this one stay tuned for the future of that thank you very much.


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