What is a Blog and How to Create Blog??


What is a Blog

What is a blog? Originally created from the words when the log is simply that a blog is that the logging of 1 ‘s thoughts ideas experiences and more tired one place on the online. 

Logs are easy to use with some clicks you’ll share thoughts opinions news anything. Your blog may be a staple of who you’re the last word expression of you on the net your blog steam is what controls how your blog looks you’ll choose an issue and personalize it with their own colors in our background images the ultimate look that matches you.

it is easy to vary teams similarly you will always take care that there are a glance and question there that matches along with your personality and makes it easy for visitors to seek out what they’re searching for. Most blog teams are made of 4 main sections the header the sidebar. Motor and also the body.

The header is comprised of your blog’s title or logo if you have got one in your main navigation menu. The menu is that the way that your gas should be easily able to navigate the content of your site menus are a natural part of our web experience it should link readers to the assorted content and pages found on your blog.

Sidebars plug usually have them this area generally includes widgets and belongings you want to focus on like your favorite links the favored content on your blog recent activity subscription options and social media tools just to call some the folder rest at the underside of your blog this can be typically wont to display content that does not often change but that you just would love your readers to possess easy accessibility to include links to read more about you or link to a contact.

What is Blogging?

The most significant area of your blog is that the body the most content area. Usually, this can be the first reason people have come to your blog it’s where your thoughts and concepts come to life if you share them within the post or page the content lies within.

Post page what is the difference. Cages are different from posts there normally static displaying standard content like an about me or contact page. Posted on the opposite hand are all the great stuff where you publish your thoughts. it’s dinner blog format posted shown on the most page of your blog usually in an order that places the foremost recent and relevant information at the very top of the list.

These are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topic when a replacement story is posted it appears at the highest of your blog for the globe to work out this accustomed be worn out journals post our online version of a journal entry made public for others to determine better of all posted the choice for a comments section furthermore so others can add their talks to yours sharing a conversation with you or simply provide feedback about your blog this brings our community element to blogs making them a preferred medium of expression and data sharing.

Blogs make it easy to share images videos and other sorts of media files providing you with complete freedom of creative expression and now with the recognition of mobile phones, your blog is often viewed at any time from anywhere within the palm of your hand. Blogs are for everybody and other people of all ages share on blogs every day for college work and play. irrespective of what you would like to try to to the walking could be a good way to attach with people and find your ideas out there. So what are you looking forward to getting in on the fun and begin blogging today?

Who is a Blogger?

A Blogger is Someone Who Owns or Manage a Blog. He Shares our Knowledge in Multiple or One Niche.

How To Earn Money From Blog

A Blogger Earn Money From Blog By Advertisement, Selling Digital Products, or Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to earn money from blogs, then there should be good traffic on your blog, then you Advertise on your Blog, Selling Digital Products, and Affiliate Marketing.

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