What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work?


He guys welcome back again in this Blog the docking of all of the future also use marketing the trick all the scenes for that why this is Philip now becomes very popular how can create your own sense when I’m using a VAT fuel software and the most important part.

What is a Sales Funnel

I’m going to tell you how I need over $22000 in just 6 someones creating a simple sees winner which is walking agreed for me so in the car in the future I’m making a couple of videos so make sure you understand the basic concept in this video they’re not gonna be good prospects for the and in the coming videos we can more talk about how to beat up one final using a fleet okay.

I don’t this time I’m going to do is that cool that the link will be given the description but before that let before the show you how much money I made in the past 6 months then we will come out what is fun though and by this is the future and if you have anything such as your affiliate products all you have your own self you see you have your own goal sees what do you want getting the products from different companies.

Well that you would like to send in the market that he was on the books so let’s go to the street I’m really excited and hope you will be at the end of this article so make some stupid then because this is something which is you what about the lawn and you can scale it and you can make thousands of dollars every month so he’ll be on the street first floor, okay so this is the list which I have prepared so basically this list has all the status which we are made in box 6 months starting 6/6/2020 if I would put it don’t know is that I can see how much money is made using the finest soul.

what I would do is let’s put it up okay so that is you guys I have checked this 1 and I’m you know what I need 6000 Australian dollars just sending a single product by Billings simple fun that’d boss 61 so how does 1 order book and what is the basic principle of from the next discuss about it so I’m really excited to student meet some guys do you like this video and provide your valuable comment at the end of this video.

whether you want more videos or not so for the next viewer starts from distinguished fussed so what happens finally something it’s it’s a kind of a journey they don’t have any user or any bias will come to your website under what happens guys view what having a blog or website so that blogging website you were driving the coffee and the coffee from various sources such as Facebook Google YouTube it started out I believe it and what happened.

We were driving that profit but that particular product beach autumn upside beat the number there was a list of the products that users have not been recently in its fullest landed on that beach and there might be chances like he might have made a CD he might have made a purchase okay and if he made a porch just indefinitely you have made a scene and that could come to an end of that part of Germany so that means you’re not going to settle on a single product in there to walk the journey even the chances are that conversion all got in that part of Stewart is video why not that might be a different cycle just somebody has spent your beach right so did camping a blog or website.

How To Make Sales Funnels?

On the blog and website, you would be having multiple options such as I was really something special let me mention if I would go to the site which is my website my blog blogging was our call on that particular blog phone booth is blogging doing now what is happening here is that it is the I’m sending my debit cards are promoting my department that money people actions users mobile home they were confused whether they want to put you see boosting origin did press team posting or hosting what it was doing so this is something like that is confusion and document the user really knocked me can you see it.

Now the problem is not something like the user is not making a sale the problem is how exactly you can before with that user and that’s why I use the concept of funnel you scheme to the victim so what is the funniest let me go and drop this particular one thing which has a complete overview of all the fun of it’s not fun it is a little bit and huntsman this is a single one-page website you don’t have to create a blog about something this is a single one-page website, okay and that site has multiple pages.

How Does it Work in Digital Marketing

I would’ve been the user would come into the picture on the Peterson this week you will have a strong and solid system which can be a follow up with the user which makes sense more and more for your products and your services so how this works let’s go through this and this can be created using a fleet to and back please right now for the song really excited to enter is not cool at the end of the studio so make sure you stated that so what do you guys there are different sources of profit the similarly you want on your driving the traffic to your website so the what is the Facebook Instagram YouTube affiliate program.

This way if you can run a Google AdWords you can earn a Facebook campaign you have your own groups ask you and I would think so I would have had only a what you were doing just your diet could tighten the coffee to your C. speeds okay but I can imagine this was your part be okay on that part be do what I can tell you the topic so at that point what was happening used use a complete **** if they like it the bite and then after the more potential I understand you are not having any deal in order to use it.

But with the help of this concept guide, there’s a new enhancement and the enhancement of this 3 more that is the 121 so what does more than WXYZ now instead of driving that traffic directly to your C. suite what vehicle is V. drive that traffic flows to this often be so 1 of the top 10 pages this is a simple based on that page will be giving users something free and ask them to give you some sort of belief or that email address or phone number or something.

I’m sorry that the user but often quite often because then you are shedding some sort of a bonus as they came here to buy the product but before that, you won’t actually shutting the user some sort of free bonuses and that’s what they will give your debt even if that’s not what happened is what don’t I figured I mean from here I would think you I’ve got to take your email database so now you how did you can approach them to let them do not make any purchase is that really interesting I’m not just coming back then there’s 1 up when he’s now the users provided his email address but before purchasing that product.

Now you need other than he was and what the product is all about so that could give you a breach in between you and your customer they know the customer is about to buy a product if you would read him in the beginning but explained him the advantage of that product the explain him hold it but it gets solved that problem for which the offbeat or to keep your page that we gave them the information right you can converse with the user.

I think you can have a video you can have a sort of a what I should say some more testimony is another thing you can put into this space so this means you can call it not even very not but can we can call it doesn’t breach feet so this is sort of a breeze on this particular breach the user will be aware of in between about your products and what would his CDS was advised just be me David Foster video you’re asking what is another thing but this will give a positive impression they’re not but what we are doing is guys.

We have taken this vehicle what you’re missing until this is over on the Mexicans what happened he’s not gonna be able and then do that and now the game since week this is the product. So now what happening is instead of going to get something to that Veeva boss that using this will be joining us on this single action I did go for it our normal right there is no other option that I didn’t buy it or not by there’s only a single option so than after they came to the speech on this base due to make a purchase and then after they removed the tank your beach.

Now what happens is guys let the meeting somebody who was on the speech but not quite used anything but at that moment you how would that data in your email list now what happened is after 2004 hours you can send them an email that number 24 which you can send them to me that number 24 which you can send an email and I think I see you can be a strong part of it thank you so so this is quite often now that I wanted his guys you meet in the somebody supporters in this part of that means he’s into buying more he might buy another product if any part of the console he’s another problem.

We can offer for I the lord or high prices so that is nice there’s a backup that’s unique if you will create another page that actually seems like it’s part of all this morning listen this morning because of the 108 okay so what we can do is vegan all for this part of $4.59 okay all we can offer this wonderful 150 so if David by that’s fine you don’t bite that’s fine and even as they were building thank you page okay so this is the way guys you can’t sell not releasing the product but my favorite part and that’s why this concept up see this when the music right now trending in the market I would but he’s using it.

I can assure you my truth how I made over $25000 just making this fun of I’m going to treat you in this one in the coming last summer so make sure to subscribe to this channel, not for this purpose is guys you need a page builder basically the design all the pages which actually integrate with each other then also you need email marketing tool and everything for the email marketing blue eyes you can use a Miller lite which is I don’t I wasn’t free subscription in the beginning for tribal bust well you can go with the guidance once the link within the description you can freely sign over that and get started with an email marketing I would make a video on how to even.

Okay but the important part is how to be in this 1 that is something we can solve the problem so that these guys probably heard about the clip from the but just $97 up 1 with none but the best part is the grace I have brought you 1 interesting right now trending in the market and the name of the police guys go for that the group fund that is currently in a DA government more is in the B.

Double I’m actually off-putting the equal feature what click on that it’s offering $4 97 on the important part is guys you can sign up for free for life and you don’t have to be single because the link is in the description we just have to go and sign up for that because now going forward what is the fun of our seats when the views I would be making that is using the group on that because in the free account grew from that that is you guys.

I don’t want to lose you would be getting 443 okay and distorts are totally mind-blowing you can see they have a group ID which is a similar kind of friendly for them so with the use of group-based research about what appeared that beaches on the beaches on the bridge bridges then you have the groups it this is more about if you’re sending your part to all this you need a car system a payment system on there right so all the billing systems and everything the V. if you have a sim card they have the gruesome group affinity is that actually proved out and boom it this is something which is all.

I can help already indicated in its August people on as well so what do you what about the active campaign that is an email marketing tools so this similar kind of you’d be getting insights you don’t have to purchase any email marketing to attend this week I’m going to make this review our detailed review a video of the group on that in the next Article that up and we were looking at or 61 up but at the moment because they often distort the fleet so how do you and sign up with that you don’t have to and does not do when it comes to this you can see here that simple goal and just sign up with your email ID and you are done you will be inside there next month you should be able to create a funnel pages lead pages squeeze pages I think I would be coming in the upcoming video so this is just an all U.

How before this is trending and if it isn’t understanding. Borders and between the traditional via marketing and the new week of how exactly using the phone and you can promote your products so I strongly suggest guides you to sign up and get ready for the next video but I would be forced to view this story how we exactly going to use that then I’m gonna be with them and the first one of you launch it actually almost I would think I would be coming on this list.

You’re going to this followed what is for them and by the end of the V. Borden what is the future of the phone up and how I made over $25000 just simply mailing this basic on the strategy so thank you very much for being a part of this town and make sure you subscribe to like it and don’t forget to hit the ball like it so that you will keep getting the notification for all the future videos thank you very much for being a part of the stomach we’ll do a very good day.

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