What is CueLinks Affiliate and How to Earn Money From Cuelinks

Are you an Indian blogger and you have got plenty of Indian traffic?

If you have got lots of Indian traffic and you wish to earn money using another method aside from AdSense, then this text is incredibly useful for you.

Starting affiliate marketing is one of the largest challenges for the common Indian blogger. If you’re a blogger then you’ll comprehend the actual fact that Affiliate marketing pays quite google AdSense.

Today I will discuss Cuelinks.

Cuelinks works with AdSense. Meaning that you simply won’t remove Adsense to figure on Cuelinks.

Both Cuelinks and AdSense can work on identical web pages with no problem.

during this article, I will be able to share everything about Cuelinks. Meaning that I will be able to also share every little thing about Cuelinks so you’ll get great enjoy Cuelinks.

Cuelinks review – Content Monetization for Indian traffic
Cuelinks could be very easy thanks to monetizing your blog. Once set up the Cuelinks shouldn’t do anything in it. It takes quite 10 minutes for you to setup Cuelinks completely.

Along with this, approval of Cuelinks is additionally very easy.

What is CueLinks

What is Cuelinks?

Cuelinks could be a content monetization network that works like Viglink and Skimlinks.

When you sign on on Cuelinks then afterward it gives you some line of Javascript code.
You have to put the Javascript code once in your blog. When you add the given Javascript code to your blog, at the moment it automatically converts the link of your blog to the affiliate link of Indian merchant sites.

When a Visitor from your blog clicks on those Affiliate links and buys anything, you get a handsome amount in the form of commission. in a very simple way, Cuelinks makes affiliate marketing very easy for us and you.

An important thing you ought to comprehend Cuelinks

The minimum payout of Cuelinks is 500INR.
75% of the revenue distribution of Cuelinks goes to Publisher and 25% to Cuelinks.
Cuelinks monetizes all the merchant links that are related to it.
Cuelinks is best for those whose blog has more target market from India. it’s also good for those bloggers who link out on e-commerce or product-based Indian site. Here I share with you a listing of Cuelinks merchant sites. When using Cuelinks, affiliate links of these merchants will show on your blog!

Here I share with you an inventory of Cuelinks merchant sites. On using Cuelinks, affiliate links of these merchants will show on your blog.

  • Agoda
  • AirAsia
  • Airtel
  • Amazon India
  • BabyOye
  • Chumbak
  • Dominos
  • eBay India
  • FabIndia
  • Flipkart
  • Freecharge
  • Jabong
  • Shopclues
  • Snapdeal

Signing informed Cuelinks saves it slow compared to joining another affiliate program.

In the list above, you’ll generate a right away affiliate link of any merchant out of all the merchants whom I’ve got told you about. Here I’ll tell you to step by step how you’ll try this.

Login to Cuelinks and visit Dashboard

In the dashboard, you’ll see the merchant at the highest and click on thereon
Search the merchant name there and click on on that cuelinks merchant lookup Hindi me
On the next page, you enter the merchandise URL from the merchant site, then click on Link me. By doing this you may get a unique affiliate link.
Optionally you’ll be able to directly generate a deep affiliate link of any merchant product page which is an affiliate with Cuelinks by visiting the link kit.

Cuelinks Widget For Deals & Coupons Sites

Cuelinks widget is otherwise to monetize the blog/website. This works very well for people whose sites have content about special products and special offers.

You can create a widget from the popular store with coupons and place it within the sidebar of the blog. to make Widgets, click on Resource Center> Widgets and generate Widgets in line with the sidebar of your blog.

Cuelinks widget

CueWords – Automatically Convert text into affiliate links
Cuelinks works fine once you link to merchant sites. But what is going to happen after you don’t have a link on a specific site! Cuewords comes in handy during this condition.

But what’s going to happen after you don’t have a link on a selected site? Cue words come in handy during this condition. Cuewords is that the latest feature of Cuelinks. CueWords automatically converts your text into a link. this is often very useful for those Indian bloggers who haven’t added more links to their old blog posts.

Cuewords Review

Cue words give you this feature that what number words you change in an exceeding webpage to affiliate links. I’d recommend you to not add an excessive amount of link text. Add 3-5 links to a webpage.

By adding more links, your reader will find your content boring.

How to Start Online Business with Cuelinks

With Cuelinks you can start an online coupon and deal site. On coupon and deal sites like CueLinks, you will get new deals every day. You can start your online business using it! For your deal website, you can start your online business using it. You can use themes like Amazon, Flipkart deals, and coupons for your deal site. To create a free account on Cuelinks, click on the link below.

If you are already a publisher of Cuelinks then you should share your experience with Cuelinks in the comments with us.

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